SPARQLab serves for exercising the SPARQL query language.

The goal of each exercise is to formulate a SPARQL query, so that it satisfies the exercise's description. Each exercise is provided with a model solution. The application uses data on pension statistics from the Czech Social Security Administration. The exercises focus on data exploration, such as discovering the dimensions used in the data, but also on data analyses, such as finding out the areas with the largest pay gap between pensions for men and women.

The source code of the application is openly available in this repository. If you encounter a bug, you can report it to our issue tracker.

The exercises use these SPARQL constructs: !, !=, &&, *, /, <, =, >, ASK, AVG, Alternatives path, BIND, CONSTRUCT, COUNT, DESC, DESCRIBE, DISTINCT, FILTER, FROM, FROM NAMED, GRAPH, GROUP BY, HAVING, LIMIT, MAX, MIN, NOT EXISTS, OPTIONAL, ORDER BY, Path, Path sequence, REDUCED, Reverse path, SELECT, Subpath, Subquery, UNION, VALUES, Variable path, coalesce, concat, datatype, iri, isLiteral, lang, langMatches, regex, replace, round, sameTerm, str, strdt, strlen, substr, year and ||.


The development of this application was funded by the developement grants of the University of Economics no. 6/2016 and no. 50/2017.